Increasing Popularity of 100% Natural Pet Treats

Written by Cassco Admin / January 14, 2022

Natural pet treats are becoming increasingly popular. The natural food market has grown by 12% in the past five years and natural foods make up an estimated 1/4 of all pet food sales.

In addition to 100% natural pet treats being a growing trend in the natural pet food industry, online retail shops have also seen an increase in natural pet treat sales. Trainers and breeders often work with their pets for several hours a day and need a healthy, nutritious snack that can keep up with their hardworking animals.

Trainers who use natural dog training methods claim natural dog treats help improve focus among dogs during training sessions. Training exercises can last long periods of time and trainers want to be sure they’re using ingredients that won’t cause stomach upset or digestive problems among their trainees. Natural dog training treats should also have natural preservatives.

Along with natural dog treats, natural cat treats also provide a nutritious snack for cats who spend hours hunting and playing outside. Cats that expel a lot of energy need a healthy way to refuel and natural cat treats can help them do that without adding any calories or fat into their diet.

Needless to say, there has never been a better time to establish a pet treats business. Are you looking forward to starting your own range of natural pet products? Explore our range of private label natural pet treats today! You can also get in touch with us for private label beauty products.