5 Benefits of Private Labeling for Your Brand of Pet Products

Written by Cassco Admin / May 7, 2021

As a business owner, you want to spend your maximum time working on important aspects of your business other than manufacturing. Here, the role of private labeling comes into play which saves you a lot of time as well as manufacturing costs.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of using products available for private labeling over producing your own pet products:

  1. Limits Competition
    Since the organic pet treats will be manufactured for wholesale by a third-party manufacturer, it will give your brand a uniqueness. Once the brand gets established, you can benefit from being your customer’s only source for those pet treats.
  2. Builds Brand Recognition
    It creates an extremely specific image for your brand and has the ability to make your brand instantly recognizable.
  3. Controls the Production
    It allows you to deal directly with the source of your products, thus, giving you better control over the appearance and makeup of your products.
  4. Helps Determine the Profit
    Getting better control over production and exclusivity also enables you to determine the profitability of the product.
  5. Caters to Your Customers
    It also enables you to move ahead of the trends and have popular products ready for sale in less time than manufacturing them yourself.

CassCo Bio Labs100% natural pet treats are produced in wholesale an FDA facility, here in the USA! We have 6 different formulations which contain NO preservatives, NO artificial flavors, NO artificial colors, NO corn, NO wheat and NO soy. All our pet treats are available in bulk, or can be private labeled in full-color, re-sealable, stand-up pouches. In addition to that, we offer FREE graphic designing to create our client’s custom pouches while having low minimum run sizes and quick turnaround time for production.

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