5 Benefits of Using Black or Blue Dye in Ponds & Lakes

Written by Cassco Admin / April 22, 2021

Having a pond within your property is such a joy. You can grow aquatic plants and house fish, or can simply watch it. Whatever you look forward to using the water body for, a blue or black lake colorant will only enhance the appeal and experience. Let’s see how.

  1. Ponds and lakes can easily get affected by the environment around them and the chances of them having dust and debris collected at the bottom are fairly high, which affects the color of the pond. Dyes can help address this issue as they keep the pond water clean and healthy.
  2. While they enhance the appeal of the pond, dyes also keep a check on algae growth. The odor of algae can ruin the appeal of the water body, using a blue or black lake/pond dye is an effective way of keeping a check.
  3. Adding pond dye will also help you get rid of pond scum. If you cannot afford an aerator, there’s no better way of addressing this issue than adding dye.
  4. The best thing about using dye to improve the look and feel of your water bodies is that they do not cause any harm to the plants, fish, or other wildlife unlike some other products. Natural dyes do not affect the color of aquatic plants either.
  5. Choosing natural pond & lake dyes ensures that not just the aquatic life but humans too are safe from ill-effects, if there are any.

CassCo Bio Labs has years of experience producing premium, natural based water treatments including pond/lake black and blue dyes. The dues contain no harsh chemicals and can be used for treatment of all kinds of water bodies. Feel free to reach out to us for more information.