In 2017, Amazon’s revenue was over $175 billion, and accounted for almost HALF of all e-commerce sales revenue combined. By 2018, Amazon’s annual revenue had climbed to over $230 billion. In 2019, it soared to just over $280 billion. Amazon is by far the largest e-commerce platform in the world. Strikingly however, only about HALF of the people selling products on Amazon, sell their own brand. This provides a massive opportunity for people that want to sell their own products on the world’s largest online platform! Amazon greatly simplifies the selling process, and the fulfillment process of picking, packing and shipping your orders. Likewise, we greatly simplify the process of creating your own brand of natural-based products. You will not have to work with stubborn or incompetent suppliers, find a graphic designer to create the artwork for your labels or pouches, and find a printer to print your labels for you. We will take care of everything for you. We even offer FREE graphic designing, to create your custom labels or pouches. We also have low minimum run sizes, so you do not have to buy excessive amounts of inventory. We have been in the private label business for over 20 years, and have a very turnkey private label process, which removes the hassles and high start-up costs that are typically associated with private labeling. Call us today, to see how quick and easy it is to get started promoting your own brand on Amazon!

Our private label program offers:

– Free Graphic Design to Create Your Own Custom Labels
– Low Minimum Order Quantities
– Short Lead Times
– Premium, Natural-Based Product Formulations
– High-End, Full Color, High-Gloss Labels