CassCo Bio Labs -High Quality Private Label Pet Products Supplier

Written by Cassco Admin / March 12, 2021

Pet Retailers are doing everything they can to stand out as the pet industry becomes more competitive. Currently, the same pet product brands can be purchased through many retail outlets, including the large retail chains, e-commerce, and so on. Retailers are now turning to Private Labeling. They see the advantages of having their own name on the label, so their clients come back to them for reorders.  They see the advantages of building their own brand in the marketplace, instead of the leading national brands. Once the decision is made to Private Label, they just need to find a trustworthy Private Label Pet Products Supplier like Cassco Bio Labs. Our clients receive many benefits when theychoose CassCo Bio Labs as their partner for Private Label Pet Products.  Here are some of those benefits:

Industry Experience

Cassco Bio Labs has been producing natural products for over 25 years. We have shipped product to over 15 different Countries, and have private labeled for over 100 Amazon Sellers, as well as countless other clients. CassCo offer a full line of Private Label Pet Treats.

Product Quality 

Product quality is one of the most important factors for Private Label Pet Treats. Our pet treats are produced in the USA, in a FDA-approved facility.

Turnkey Private Labeling

CassCo Bio Labs offers a completely turnkey private label program for clients that want us to handle all aspects of production, packaging, and labeling for them. We eliminate the hassles usually associated with private labeling, by design our client’s custom labels and/or custom pouches, for them, which we do FREE for our Private Label Pet Treat clients. We handle all aspects of graphic designing. In fact, the only thing our clients need to do is approve the final design. Once the artwork is approved, we even handle all aspects of producing and printing their labels and/or pouches.

Low Minimum Order

CassCo Bio Labs has low minimum runsizes, so that our Private Label Pet Treat clients do not have to purchase excessive amounts of product. Our low minimum order quantity eliminates the high startup costs usually associated with private labeling.

Quick Lead Times

CassCo Bio Labs can take our Private Label Pet Treat clients from “concept to completion” in as little as 30 days. Reorders can be shipped in as little as 7-10 days.

Competitive Pricing

CassCo Bio Labs has been producing natural-based products for over 25 years. We have a solid supply chain and can offer very competitive pricing to our Private Label Pet Treat clients.

Free Samples

CassCo Bio Labs does not charge private label clients for product samples. We send clients complimentary, no-charge samples of each of our 100% natural pet treat, as well as an actual sample of a custom printed stand-up pouch. This way our clients can see the quality of our treats and our packaging.  They see exactly what they will get when they order Private Label Pet Treats from us.

Contact CassCo Bio Labs today, to see how quick and easy it is to start promoting your own brand of 100% natural pet treats!