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What Is Natural?

CassCo Bio Labs utilizes “natural” and “naturally-derived” ingredients in our formulations.  The term “natural” refers to ingredients that are in the same state as they are found in nature.  Examples of natural ingredients are barley flour, oat flour, honey, peanut butter flour and coconut oil, used in our baked pet treats. The term “naturally derived” refers to ingredients that have been derived from natural sources, and are not synthetic man-made ingredients. Examples of naturally-derived ingredients are surfactants derived from palm and coconut, in many of our personal care and household cleaning products. 

Most companies use the word “natural” very loosely.  Some go as far as using it deceitfully.  An example is when companies create synthetic products, but add one natural ingredient, usually at very small concentrations, then call the entire product “natural”, because of this one ingredient. An example is when a company creates a synthetic shampoo formulas, but adds a tiny amount of aloe to it, and sells that product as the a “natural aloe shampoo”. 

However, we go to great lengths to be transparent, and explain the difference between natural, naturally-derived and synthetic.  In addition, we strive to create entire formulas to be as natural, or naturally-derived as possible.  Even to the extent of utilizing natural essential oils to create a “scent”, as opposed to adding synthetic fragrances. 

For over 20 years CassCo Bio Labs has been a worldwide supplier of natural-based products. We offer natural pet products, naturally-derived personal care products for face, body and hair, natural wellness supplements, natural-based sports nutrition products, naturally-derived household cleaning products and naturally-derived automotive cleaning products. We specialize in these natural-based formulas, as well as in providing high-end private labeling for Amazon Sellers, product manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers. We can also provide bulk formulations, for clients that wish to bottle and label at their own facility.