A Comprehensive Guide To Types Of Dog Treats

Written by Cassco Admin / August 25, 2021

There are so many benefits of feeding private label dog treats to your furry friends and so are the types of dog treats. Let us take a quick look at the types of dog treats that are available in the markets these days:

  • Natural Chews
    All kinds of canines including dogs have the instinct to chew since their birth and natural chews satisfy that very instinct. Natural chews are highly recommended as they do not contain artificial supplements.
  • Soft Treats
    Soft treats are well-suited for puppies who are yet to fully develop their teeth and gums. Senior dogs with weakened dental health are unable to chew hard chews and that’s why they could also benefit from soft treats. They can also be beneficial for dogs with dental issues or sensitive palates.
  • Freeze-Dried Treats
    Freeze-dried dog treats which are usually single-ingredient treats are a healthier alternative that is getting increasingly popular because of their low calorie and high nutrition content. They have also become an ideal choice for training.
  • Dog Cookies
    Even though cookies and biscuits might be the oldest form of pet treats, they are still the most popular ones. When selecting cookies for your furry friend, you should always choose the ones that are made using quality ingredients and are free from preservatives or artificial flavors.

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