Treating Food Allergies In Dogs & Importance Of Natural Pet Treats

Written by Cassco Admin / September 15, 2021

Once you have determined that your dog has food allergies, you will want to change their diet to hypoallergenic food and unlike popular belief, this means a lot more than just swapping brands. In these cases, your vet may also recommend different options, including protein and carbohydrate choices, as well as brands that specialize in these nutrients.

The first and foremost thing you should do is read the full ingredient list. A label that states turkey and rice does not suggest that it won’t contain other allergy-causing ingredients such as beef, chicken, wheat, etc.

Additionally, your vet may also suggest putting the pet on a prescription diet. Prescription diets are formulated to reduce the allergen levels in the food to the point that your dog will not react yet still receive the proper nutrition. The benefit of a prescription diet is it has grains and proteins that your dog needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, prescription diets can be costly.

In more severe food allergy issues, they may recommend prescription medications such as Cyclosporine, Apoquel, or Cytopoint. A pet almost never complains of allergies as long as they are being fed natural pet treats. Once you find a brand of natural pet treats that you can trust, you can also consider purchasing bulk pet treats without any worry at all.

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