Why Are Pond Bacteria Important for Healthy Ponds?

Written by Cassco Admin / March 30, 2021

Bacteria exists in all ponds but what most people don’t know is good bacteria is essential to keep organic waste such as fish waste, excess food, dead vegetation and even fertilizer run-off broken down before they can cause problems that affect the quality of pond water. Activities such as over population of fish, over feeding, or hard rain that may wash high levels of debris into the pond may cause the pond’s ecosystem to get out of balance, and in these kinds of cases, it becomes important to restore the natural levels of beneficial pond bacteria.

Since one can never really tell when is a pond out of balance, the experts advise pond owners to add beneficial pond bacteria to the water on a regular basis. They also advise pond owners to equip their ponds with aerators or fountains for increasing the benefits of good bacteria. Wholesale pond products such as beneficial pond bacteria are easily available these days in the form of water-soluble packets as well as liquids.

In addition to pond bacteria, wholesale pond water treatments such as concentrated lake dyes and barley straw extracts can also help keep a check on the pond balance. CassCo Bio Labs is counted among the best producers of premium and natural based water treatments for ponds and lakes. We have been in the business for more than 25 years now and continue to produce natural products, free from any kind of harsh chemicals which can be used with complete peace of mind to treat golf course ponds, farm ponds, backyard ponds, ornamental ponds, fish ponds, and small lakes.

We offer concentrates and ready-to-use product formulations of private label pond bacteria and offer them as liquids, powders, and pre-measured water-soluble packets, and tablets. Feel free to browse through the website for more information.